Company Information
Company Name Singapore Telecommunications Limited
Also Known As
Company Website
Primary ASN 7473
IRR Record
Network Type NSP
Approx Prefixes 14000
Traffic Levels Not Disclosed
Traffic Ratios Balanced
Geographic Scope Global
Looking Glass URL
Route Server URL
Protocols Supported Unicast IPv4            Multicast            IPv6
Date Last Updated 2015-04-17 03:35:46 UTC
Peering Policy Information
Peering Policy URL
General Policy Selective
Multiple Locations Required - International
Ratio Requirement Yes
Contract Requirement
Contact Information
Role Contact Name Telephone   E-Mail  
NOC NOC +(65) 64240636 
Policy peering 


Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN   IP Address Mbit/sec  
CoreSite - Any2 California  7473   10000 
CoreSite - Any2 California  7473  2001:504:13::210:63  10000 
Equinix Palo Alto  7473  10000 
Equinix Palo Alto  7473  2001:0504:000d::32  10000 
Equinix Palo Alto  7473  2001:504:d::77  10000 
Equinix Palo Alto  7473  10000 
HKIX  7473  10000 
HKIX  7473  2001:7fa:0:1::ca28:a04d  10000 
JPIX  7473  2000 
JPIX  7473  2001:de8:8::7473:1  2000 
LINX Extreme LAN  7473  10000 
LINX Extreme LAN  7473  2001:7f8:4:1::1d31:1  10000 
  1 2 of 2 
Private Peering Facilities
Facility Name ASN   City Country SONET Ethr ATM
City Lifeline London 7473  London UK
CoreSite - LA1 - One Wilshire 7473  Los Angeles US
Equinix Palo Alto (SV8) 7473  Palo Alto US
MEGA iAdvantage Hong Kong 7473  Hong Kong HK

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